Delivering Nationwide

FREE delivery in London and surrounding areas (AL BR CR EN GU HA HP IG KT RH RG SG SL SM TW UB WD). Elsewhere £4.99

FREE delivery and collection in London and surrounding areas, or £4.99 nationwide

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Our terms

Sign up for £19.99 a month pay as you go with no commitment. Join and stop at any time.

Sign up for £14.99 per month for 3 months. After this period the customer can choose to continue for another 3 months, change to pay as you go or stop the subscription. Customer cannot cancel before the 3 month period ends. If a customer cancels their direct debit within the 3 month window there will be an extra charge.

Sign up for £140 a year. Charge for annual subscription required upfront and will not be refunded if the customer decides to cancel at any time during the year.

Delivery time

We will deliver your package within 3-5 working days upon receipt of payment.

Change of address

A customer can change their delivery address at any time during their contract but will need to give us seven working days to process this change before delivery.

Conditions of toys

Whilst we appreciate that due to expected wear and tear by all curious tots, the conditions of the items cannot be guaranteed. We do charge for items that are returned severely damaged and unsuitable to send on to our other customers.


Please make sure children are always supervised when playing with toys. We do not take liability for any accidents or injuries caused when playing with our toys.